Terrazzo Collection

Terrazzo Collection

The Pot Drop presents a new collection of pots inspired by tradition and history.

The TERRAZZO is known all over the world as the particular and prestigious decor in marble chips typical of Venetian noble residences.

Terrazzo isn't new (in fact, its origins go back to ancient Greece), but it's definitely having a moment when it comes to decor trends. It's commonly used in flooring and countertops because of its versatility, easy maintenance, and spunky personality. 

What Is Terrazzo?

Terrazzo is a low-maintenance material. It's a composite made from other types of stone such as marble, granite, quartz, glass, and more. This mixture is held together with resin or concrete.

This beautifully designed pot will look amazing in bringing that space to life or simply that perfect gift idea on brighting someones day.

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